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Buses from Warsaw Chopin Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Warsaw Chopin Airport is located 6.2 miles/10 km south-west of the Warsaw City Center in Poland. From WAW Airport, travelers will have different options for bus transportation services that can bring you to and from your further location.

Travelers can find several bus lines to and from the center of Warsaw from Warsaw Chopin Airport. Passengers can use the following bus lines 175, 188 and N32. Additionally, bus lines 148 provide access to Ursynów (a southern part of Warsaw) and Praga (the eastern part of Warsaw). Bus 331 connects with the Wilanowska metro station.

The airport bus stops are located at the bus terminal. A new terminal for buses and coaches has been opened at Warsaw Chopin Airport. It is located in front of the south pier (on the arrivals level), close to the exit from the railway station. The new bus terminal has 21 bus stands, 3 bus maintenance bays, and a covered waiting area.

Bus stands 2-15 are reserved for scheduled connections.

Bus services between Warsaw Chopin Airport and Warsaw City Center:


Bus Route: Chopin Airport – City Centre; main streets ŻWIRKI I WIGURY - AL.JEROZOLIMSKIE (Central Railway Station) - KRAKOWSKIE PRZEDMIEŚCIE - PL.PIŁSUDSKIEGO.

Running daily between 04:27 am to 11:58 pm.

Frequency: 15-30 minutes (during the day there are more frequencies).


Bus Route: Chopin Airport – City Centre (Metro Politechnika station) – Praga Południe (Wiatraczna); main streets: ŻWIRKI I WIGURY - AL.ARMII LUDOWEJ - AL.STANÓW ZJEDNOCZONYCH – SZASERÓW – MAKOWSKA

Running daily between 04:47 am to 11:18 pm.

Frequency: Every 10 minutes from 06:00 am to 10:00 am, and then every 20 minutes.


Bus Route: Chopin Airport - Central Railway Station

Running daily between 11:15 pm to 04:49 am.

Frequency: 30 minutes.

Other bus lines from Warsaw Chopin Airport

BUS 148

Bus Route: Chopin Airport - Ursynów-Praga; main streets: (ŻWIRKI I WIGURY – NOWOURSYNOWSKA - MOST SIEKIERKOWSKI - GROCHOWSKA)

Running daily between 04:34 am to 10:35 pm.

Frequency: Every 10 minutes from 06:00 am to 10:00 am, and then every 20 minutes.


Bus Route: Chopin Airport – Metro Wilanowska; main streets: NARKIEWICZA, WIRAŻOWA, POLECZKI, ŁĄCZYNY, PUŁAWSKA, AL. WILANOWSKA

This bus line 331 connects with the underground station Metro Wilanowska.

Running daily between 06:13 am to 5:54 pm.

Frequency: From 06:13 am to 08:56 am, every 10 minutes, and then from 01:54 pm every 15 minutes until 05:54 pm.

Bus Fares from Warsaw Airport

The public transport institution (buses, SKM train) in Poland, establishes the following fares for Zone 1 of the ticket tariff:

  • 20-minute ticket: PLN 3.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (75 minutes): PLN 4.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (90 minutes): PLN 7.00
  • Single-fare transfer group ticket: PLN 22.00
  • One-day ticket: PLN 15.00
  • 3-day ticket: PLN 36.00
  • Weekend ticket: PLN 24.00
  • Group weekend ticket: PLN 40.00

For further information regarding routes, schedule and fares, please visit the ZTM official website.

Airport Shuttle Services

All travelers can find several hotels and resorts that offer a shuttle bus service for your disposal to get you to and from WAW Airport.